Easing access to open data to fuel innovation

Shared on May 28, 2015 by A Smarter Planet Blog

Data is not only changing the way we work, it’s revolutionizing the way we go about our daily lives. There is an immense amount of data that’s ready for organizations, developers and citizens to consume. From transportation and healthcare services to banking and demographic statistics, public or “open” data is available through most government departments and can be used to improve how people and businesses make decisions.

Take your smartphone for instance: application developers can feed open data into a mobile application to provide commuters with the exact arrival time of public transit based on traffic and GPS coordinates. It can offer a map of the nearest healthcare services that treat specific illnesses or ailments. Open data can even represent community income levels to help determine whether a location is suitable to set up a business.

The possibilities for open data are endless. The problem when dealing with this information is that there is no simple and standard way for application developers to access it in a clean and usable format. Most open data is maintained in various sites and databases, and oftentimes it can be incomplete, inaccurate or even corrupt.

Today, ThinkData Works addresses these challenges through their Namara.io solution on IBM’s platform-as-a-service, Bluemix. Namara.io on IBM Bluemix collects and organizes clean, open data within a single destination, helping people to easily and efficiently incorporate publically-available information directly into their applications, visualizations, models and services.

By eliminating complexity and increasing accessibility, IBM Bluemix cuts application development and deployment times from months to days and hours. Now, our clients can spend more time pioneering applications and less time sorting through data.

Open data is a valuable new natural resource that can improve social, economic and industry growth. Together, ThinkData Works’ Namara.io and IBM Bluemix create a barrier-free data ecosystem to help developers rapidly build, manage, and run web and mobile applications that harness the power of data and human creativity to bring innovative ideas to life.

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